1: "Discover the reasons why birds are not using your birdhouse and how to attract them back."

2: "Provide suitable food and water sources in your yard to entice birds to your birdhouse."

3: "Ensure your birdhouse is placed in a safe and secure location away from predators."

4: "Add nesting materials like twigs, feathers, and leaves to make your birdhouse inviting."

5: "Maintain your birdhouse regularly by cleaning it out and making repairs as needed."

6: "Avoid using chemicals or pesticides near your birdhouse that could harm birds."

7: "Create a welcoming environment by planting native trees and shrubs near your birdhouse."

8: "Install a predator guard on your birdhouse to protect nesting birds from harm."

9: "Be patient and give birds time to discover and feel comfortable in your birdhouse."