1: Avoid hanging hummingbird feeders near windows, as birds may fly into them.

2: Do not place feeders near busy walkways or areas with high foot traffic.

3: Avoid hanging feeders near outdoor lights or insect traps, as they may attract predators.

4: Do not hang feeders near areas with strong winds or heavy rain, as it may spill or damage the feeder.

5: Avoid placing feeders near loud noises or machinery, as it may disturb the birds.

6: Do not hang feeders near areas with pets or other animals, as they may scare the hummingbirds away.

7: Avoid hanging feeders near bird feeders for other species, as it may cause competition or conflict.

8: Do not place feeders near bird baths or sources of water, as hummingbirds may not visit the feeder.

9: Avoid hanging feeders near areas with aggressive birds, as they may bully the hummingbirds.