1: Introduction -- "Discover the best time to put out hummingbird houses for optimal nesting opportunities."

2: Benefits of Hummingbird Houses -- "Learn how providing hummingbird houses can attract these beautiful birds to your garden."

3: Choosing the right spot -- "Find out where to place your hummingbird houses for greater visibility and protection."

4: Spring Nesting Season -- "Learn why spring is the ideal time to put out hummingbird houses for nesting."

5: Maintenance Tips -- "Discover how to maintain your hummingbird houses to ensure their longevity and appeal."

6: Summer Feeding Habits -- "Explore the feeding habits of hummingbirds during the summer season near their houses."

7: Fall Migration -- "Understand how to prepare your hummingbird houses for their annual fall migration."

8: Winter Resting Spots -- "Find out why leaving hummingbird houses up in winter can provide shelter for non-migratory species."

9: Conclusion -- "Follow these tips for successful hummingbird house placement throughout the year."