1: Hummingbirds use soft materials like moss, feathers, and spider silk to build their nests in trees or shrubs.

What can I use for hummingbird nesting material?

2: You can help hummingbirds by providing nesting material such as cotton, wool, or pet fur in your garden.

3: Hang a nesting material dispenser made of mesh or twine filled with appropriate materials in a shady spot.

4: Avoid using dryer lint, as it can contain harmful chemicals that may be harmful to hummingbirds and their babies.

5: Hummingbirds' nests are small and delicate, so provide materials that are lightweight and easy for them to use.

6: Fresh nesting materials should be provided in early spring when hummingbirds start building their nests.

7: Watch for hummingbirds collecting nesting material and observe their behavior from a distance to avoid scaring them away.

8: Remember to clean and refill the nesting material dispenser regularly to ensure a steady supply for the hummingbirds.

9: By providing nesting material, you can help attract more hummingbirds to your garden and create a safe and welcoming environment for them.