1: Meet the Tiny Giants Discover the fascinating world of hummingbirds in the Americas.

2: The Hummingbird Species Learn about the different species of hummingbirds found in the Americas.

3: Unique Characteristics Explore the unique characteristics that make hummingbirds so special.

4: Migratory Habits Follow the incredible journeys of hummingbirds as they migrate across the Americas.

5: Feeding Behaviors Discover how hummingbirds feed and why they are called tiny giants.

6: Nesting and Breeding Learn about the nesting and breeding habits of hummingbirds in the Americas.

7: Threats and Conservation Understand the threats facing hummingbirds and efforts to conserve them.

8: Human Interaction Explore the relationship between humans and hummingbirds in the Americas.

9: How to Help Find out how you can help protect and support hummingbirds in the Americas.