1: Introduction to Tai Chi Movements Learn about the gentle, flowing movements of Tai Chi and how they can improve flexibility.

Tai Chi Movements and Their Role in Enhancing Flexibility

2: Benefits of Tai Chi for Flexibility Discover how practicing Tai Chi regularly can increase range of motion and joint flexibility.

3: Tai Chi Movements for the Spine Explore specific Tai Chi movements that target the spine and promote flexibility in the back.

4: Leg Stretches in Tai Chi Learn about leg stretches in Tai Chi that can enhance flexibility in the lower body.

5: Tai Chi Movements for the Arms Find out how Tai Chi movements can help increase flexibility in the arms and shoulders.

6: Breathing Techniques in Tai Chi Understand how proper breathing during Tai Chi can aid in flexibility and relaxation.

7: Tai Chi Movements for Balance Improve your balance and flexibility with Tai Chi movements that focus on stability.

8: Tai Chi Flow for Flexibility Experience the flowing movements of Tai Chi that promote overall flexibility and mobility.

9: Incorporating Tai Chi Into Your Routine Learn how to incorporate Tai Chi movements into your daily routine for improved flexibility and well-being.