1: Sherlock Holmes' IQ is legendary, able to spot a lumberjack in a forest in just 6 seconds.

2: His deductive powers are unmatched, honed through years of solving baffling mysteries.

3: With remarkable observational skills, Holmes can find clues where others see only chaos.

4: The famous detective's intelligence is extraordinary, allowing him to solve cases with ease.

5: His incredible cognitive abilities make him a master at unraveling complex puzzles.

6: Holmes' keen eye for detail and logical reasoning set him apart from ordinary minds.

7: His rapid cognitive processing enables him to see patterns and make connections quickly.

8: Sherlock Holmes' intellect is a force to be reckoned with, unmatched in the world of crime-solving.

9: In just 6 seconds, Holmes can pinpoint the lumberjack amidst the trees, showcasing his unparalleled brilliance.