1: Samsung S23 and Google Pixel 6 go head-to-head in camera quality.

2: Samsung S23 boasts advanced features, while Pixel 6 focuses on image processing.

3: Low-light performance is superior on Pixel 6, but S23 shines in daylight.

4: Both phones deliver stunning results, but Pixel 6 emphasizes vibrant colors.

5: Video recording on S23 is top-notch, while Pixel 6 excels in stabilization.

6: Portrait mode is exceptional on both devices, with unique strengths.

7: S23's telephoto lens offers more versatility than Pixel 6's digital zoom.

8: Overall, S23 and Pixel 6 are strong contenders in the smartphone camera market.

9: The choice between Samsung S23 and Google Pixel 6 comes down to personal preference.