1: Raccoon mothers give birth in the spring, with a birthing time of around 63 days after mating.

2: During birth, the mother raccoon will typically have 3-5 babies, known as kits.

3: Baby raccoons are born blind and deaf, with a thin layer of fur covering their bodies.

4: The mother raccoon will nurse her babies for about 7-8 weeks before weaning them.

5: At around 16-18 weeks old, the baby raccoons will begin to venture out of the den with their mother.

6: During this time, the mother raccoon will teach her babies essential skills for survival.

7: Baby raccoons will stay with their mother for about a year before venturing out on their own.

8: Once they leave their mother, young raccoons will establish their territory and find a mate.

9: The birthing time for baby raccoons is a crucial period in their development, setting the foundation for their lives in the wild.