1: Learn how to propagate plants with ease. Follow these simple steps to grow new plants from cuttings.

2: Select a healthy parent plant and take a cutting. Remove any leaves from the bottom of the cutting.

3: Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and plant it in a well-draining soil mix. Keep the soil consistently moist.

4: Place the cutting in a warm, bright location out of direct sunlight. Mist the cutting regularly to maintain humidity.

5: Monitor the cutting for new growth. Once roots have formed, transplant the cutting into a larger pot.

6: Continue to care for the new plant by watering it regularly and providing it with adequate sunlight.

7: Propagating plants is a rewarding way to expand your plant collection and share with friends.

8: Experiment with different types of plants and propagation methods to discover what works best for you.

9: Enjoy the process of growing your own plants from cuttings and watching them thrive in your home or garden.