1: Michael Phelps, the legendary Olympian, has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years.

2: Once known for his dominance in the pool, Phelps now focuses on mental health advocacy.

3: With a shaved head and fuller beard, Phelps looks almost unrecognizable nowadays.

4: Despite his new look, Phelps continues to inspire others with his resilience and dedication.

5: The retired swimmer is now a loving husband and father to three adorable boys.

6: Phelps' journey from the pool to parenthood has been nothing short of extraordinary.

7: His openness about his struggles has helped break the stigma surrounding mental health.

8: Phelps' legacy extends far beyond his swimming career, leaving a lasting impact on sports and society.

9: Michael Phelps may look different today, but his heart and determination remain as strong as ever.