1: Rare half dollar collectors value key years for their collections.

2: Key dates like the 1916 Walking Liberty and 1892 Columbian Exposition are sought after.

3: The 1916-D Walking Liberty and 1794 Flowing Hair are highly prized by collectors.

4: Mint marks on half dollars like the 1909-S Barber are significant for collectors.

5: 1796 Draped Bust and 1948 Franklin half dollars are key dates.

6: 1938 Walking Liberty and 1964 Kennedy half dollars are popular among collectors.

7: Rare half dollar collectors seek out key years for their unique designs.

8: 1797 Draped Bust and 1963 Franklin half dollars are highly collectible.

9: Key dates like the 1942-D Walking Liberty and 1921 Peace dollars are rare treasures.