1: "Kangaroos give birth after just 30-40 days of pregnancy, usually to one joey at a time."

2: "The newborn joey is the size of a jellybean and crawls into the mother's pouch to continue growing."

3: "Male kangaroos are not involved in caring for the young, leaving that task entirely to the mother."

4: "The joey will stay in the mother's pouch for around 6-8 months before venturing out on its own."

5: "Once out of the pouch, the joey will continue to nurse from the mother for several more months."

6: "Kangaroo mothers can delay the birth of a new joey if resources are scarce, a unique adaptation."

7: "Kangaroo joeys drink milk from special mammary glands inside the mother's pouch."

8: "Kangaroos have a notably short gestation period compared to other mammals, allowing for quick reproduction."

9: "Kangaroo birthing time is a fascinating process that showcases the unique adaptations of these iconic marsupials."