1: Transfer contacts to Samsung S23 in just a few simple steps. Say goodbye to manual entry!

2: Step 1: Open the Contacts app on your old device. Look for the "Export" option.

3: Step 2: Choose the format you want to export your contacts in. We recommend VCF format.

4: Step 3: Save the exported file to your device or cloud storage for easy access.

5: Step 4: On your Samsung S23, open the Contacts app and look for the "Import" option.

6: Step 5: Select the VCF file you exported earlier. Your contacts will now be transferred to your new device.

7: Enjoy a seamless transition to your Samsung S23 with all your contacts intact. Stay connected effortlessly!

8: No more hassle of manually entering contacts one by one. Transfer them all at once and save time!

9: Follow these simple steps to transfer contacts to Samsung S23 and keep your friends and family close at hand.