1: "Choose native plants for your hummingbird garden to attract these colorful birds."

2: "Provide a water source, such as a birdbath, for hummingbirds to drink and bathe."

3: "Hang hummingbird feeders filled with a sugar water solution to supplement their diet."

4: "Create a variety of perches and hiding spots for hummingbirds to rest and feel safe."

5: "Use bright, contrasting colors to attract hummingbirds to your garden."

6: "Avoid using pesticides in your garden to protect hummingbirds and their food sources."

7: "Monitor your hummingbird habitat regularly to ensure it remains a safe and welcoming environment."

8: "Consider planting flowers with tubular shapes, such as honeysuckle and salvia, to attract hummingbirds."

9: "Enjoy watching and listening to hummingbirds as they visit your garden throughout the year."