1: Create a hummingbird-friendly garden with colorful flowers that attract these tiny birds.

2: Install a birdhouse specifically designed for hummingbirds, with the right size entrance hole.

3: Offer hummingbirds a variety of nectar-rich flowers and feeders with fresh sugar water.

4: Add perches near the birdhouse for hummingbirds to rest and keep an eye on their territory.

5: Provide nesting material like spider webs and soft plant fibers for hummingbirds to build their nests.

6: Maintain a clean birdhouse with regular cleaning to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

7: Avoid using pesticides in your garden to keep hummingbirds safe from harmful chemicals.

8: Hang shiny objects like reflective tape near the birdhouse to attract hummingbirds with curiosity.

9: Create a peaceful environment with minimal noise and disturbance to make your birdhouse a hummingbird haven.