1: Discover the fascinating world of Horned Lizards and learn about their unique egg-laying habits.

2: Horned Lizards prefer to lay their eggs in sandy soil during the warmer months of spring and summer.

3: These amazing creatures typically lay between 2-24 eggs in a single clutch, burying them carefully to ensure protection.

4: Female Horned Lizards exhibit maternal care by guarding their eggs until they hatch, a process that takes around 6-12 weeks.

5: The eggs are vulnerable to predators and environmental factors, highlighting the challenges of survival in the wild.

6: Once the eggs hatch, baby Horned Lizards emerge and must fend for themselves, relying on their instincts and camouflage.

7: The time of egg-laying is crucial for Horned Lizards' reproductive success and overall population sustainability.

8: Understanding the egg-laying behaviors of Horned Lizards is essential for conservation efforts and species protection.

9: By educating others about the egg-laying time of Horned Lizards, we can promote awareness and appreciation for these unique creatures.