1: Half Dollar Rarity - Discover the scarcest half dollars by year.

2: 1794 Half Dollar - Uncover the rarity of the first half dollar minted.

3: 1838-O Half Dollar - Learn about the elusive New Orleans minted half dollar.

4: 1916-D Half Dollar - Explore the rarity of the Denver minted half dollar.

5: 1955 Franklin Half Dollar - Delve into the rarity of the Franklin half dollar.

6: 1970-D Kennedy Half Dollar - Examine the scarcity of the Denver minted Kennedy half dollar.

7: 1987-P Kennedy Half Dollar - Unearth the rarity of the Philadelphia minted Kennedy half dollar.

8: 2014-D Kennedy Half Dollar - Discover the limited mintage of the Denver minted Kennedy half dollar.

9: Rarity Recap - Recap the rarest half dollars by year.