1: "Empire Spinoff Starring Taraji P Henson as Cookie Not Moving Forward at Fox"

2: "Fans disappointed as Fox decides not to continue Empire spinoff with Taraji P Henson"

3: "Taraji P Henson's Cookie Lyon won't be returning in Empire spinoff, fans upset"

4: "FOX network announces cancellation of Empire spinoff featuring Taraji P Henson"

5: "Cookie Lyon's spinoff series won't be happening, Fox confirms"

6: "Farewell to Cookie Lyon: Fox cancels Empire spinoff starring Taraji P Henson"

7: "Taraji P Henson not reprising role in Empire spinoff, Fox pulls the plug"

8: "Empire spinoff starring Taraji P Henson as Cookie officially axed by Fox"

9: "Disappointment for fans as Taraji P Henson's Cookie spinoff halted by Fox network"