1: Choose the right spot Find a sunny location for your container garden to thrive. Place it where it will receive at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily.

2: Consider drainage Ensure your containers have drainage holes to prevent waterlogged soil. Elevate pots on feet to promote proper drainage.

3: Pick the right containers Select containers that are at least 12 inches deep to accommodate plant roots. Consider the material and size for optimal growth.

4: Match plants to light levels Know your plant's light requirements and choose suitable locations. Place sun-loving plants in sunny spots and shade-loving plants in shaded areas.

5: Group plants strategically Cluster plants with similar watering needs together for easy maintenance. Arrange tall plants at the back and trailing plants at the front.

6: Be mindful of wind exposure Protect your container garden from strong winds that can damage plants. Create windbreaks or move pots to sheltered locations if needed.

7: Rotate your containers Prevent uneven growth by rotating containers regularly to ensure all sides receive equal sunlight. Promote balanced plant growth and health.

8: Water consistently Establish a watering schedule and stick to it to keep your container garden hydrated. Check soil moisture regularly and adjust as needed.

9: Fertilize as needed Feed your container plants with a balanced fertilizer to encourage healthy growth. Follow product instructions and avoid over-fertilizing to prevent damage.