1: Title: "Can you put a hummingbird feeder near a birdhouse?"

1 Content: "Yes, it's safe to place a hummingbird feeder near a birdhouse. Just make sure they are not too close to prevent any territory disputes."

2: Title: "Choosing the right location"

2 Content: "Pick a spot that offers some shade, protection from wind, and easy access for birds. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or too close to a window."

3: Title: "Maintaining the feeders"

3 Content: "Regularly clean and refill the feeder to prevent mold growth and keep the birds healthy. Use a solution of water and sugar for the nectar."

4: Title: "Attracting hummingbirds and other birds"

4 Content: "By providing a variety of food sources, you can attract different species of birds to your garden. Consider planting flowers and shrubs that birds like."

5: Title: "Potential issues to watch out for"