1: Introduction to Air Plants Learn the basics of caring for air plants, perfect for busy collectors.

2: Light and Water Provide filtered light and mist with water for healthy air plants.

3: Temperature and Humidity Maintain room temperature and mist plants regularly for optimal growth.

4: Planting and Display Use shells, glass containers, or driftwood for creative air plant displays.

5: Fertilizing and Pests Feed plants with air plant fertilizer and inspect for pests regularly.

6: Repotting and Propagation Gently remove and repot pups for new plant growth.

7: Blooming and Flowering Enjoy unique blooms on your air plants, a sign of a healthy plant.

8: Common Mistakes to Avoid Avoid overwatering and placing plants in direct sunlight to prevent damage.

9: Resources and References Explore more air plant care tips online and in books for expert advice.