1: Golden Retriever - These friendly pups are known for their gentle nature and fluffy coats.

2: French Bulldog - With their bat-like ears and wrinkled faces, these dogs are irresistibly cute.

3: Pomeranian - Small in size but big in personality, Pomeranians are fluffy balls of energy.

4: Shih Tzu - Known for their long, flowing hair and charming personalities, Shih Tzus are a popular choice among dog lovers.

5: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - These elegant dogs are known for their floppy ears and loving nature.

6: Dachshund - With their short legs and long bodies, Dachshunds are playful and loyal companions.

7: Corgi - These adorable herding dogs are famous for their short legs and big smiles.

8: Beagle - With their soulful eyes and happy-go-lucky attitude, Beagles are a beloved breed for families.

9: Yorkshire Terrier - These tiny dogs are known for their silky coats and spunky personalities.