1: Introduction to Chen Tai Chi Discover the ancient art of Chen Tai Chi, a mind-body practice known for enhancing energy and promoting overall well-being.

2: Ward Off Left Learn the first Chen Tai Chi move, Ward Off Left, a graceful and powerful posture that strengthens the body and calms the mind.

3: Ward Off Right Master the Ward Off Right move in Chen Tai Chi, a flowing exercise that improves balance and flexibility while boosting energy levels.

4: Roll Back Experience the calming Roll Back move in Chen Tai Chi, promoting relaxation and mental clarity to increase overall energy.

5: Press Practice the Press move in Chen Tai Chi, a focused posture that releases tension and rejuvenates both body and mind for enhanced energy.

6: Push Explore the Push move in Chen Tai Chi, a dynamic exercise that builds strength and vitality while revitalizing energy levels.

7: Single Whip Embrace the Single Whip move in Chen Tai Chi, enhancing focus and concentration to channel energy for optimal health benefits.

8: Lift Hands Engage in the Lift Hands move in Chen Tai Chi, a flowing sequence that harmonizes body and mind for increased energy and vitality.

9: Withdraw and Push Conclude with the Withdraw and Push move in Chen Tai Chi, promoting a sense of balance and inner peace while cultivating lasting energy.