1: Introduction to Chen Tai Chi Discover the ancient Chinese art of Chen Tai Chi for health and wellness.

6 Chen Tai Chi Drills for Improved Health

6 Chen Tai Chi Drills for Improved Health

2: Warm-Up Exercises Learn essential warm-up drills to prepare your body for Chen Tai Chi practice.

3: Silk Reeling Master the fluid movements of silk reeling to strengthen your muscles and joints.

4: Standing Meditation Find inner calm and balance with standing meditation exercises in Chen Tai Chi.

5: Push Hands Improve your tactile sensitivity and coordination with push hands drills.

6: Cloud Hands Experience the graceful flow of Chen Tai Chi through the Cloud Hands sequence.

7: Single Whip Enhance your focus and posture with the Single Whip drill in Chen Tai Chi.

8: Brush Knee and Twist Step Improve your leg strength and agility with the Brush Knee and Twist Step movement.

9: Closing Form Finish your Chen Tai Chi practice with the Closing Form to harmonize body and mind.