1: Try our classic chicken taco wrap with seasoned chicken, lettuce, and cheese for a satisfying picnic lunch.

3 Chicken Taco Wraps That Are Perfect for a Picnic

2: Spice things up with our buffalo chicken taco wrap, featuring tangy buffalo sauce and crunchy veggies.

3: Go for a healthier option with our grilled chicken taco wrap, packed with fresh avocado and salsa.

4: Mix things up with our BBQ chicken taco wrap, filled with sweet and smoky BBQ sauce and corn.

5: Our crispy chicken taco wrap is perfect for a picnic, with breaded chicken tenders and creamy ranch dressing.

6: Elevate your picnic with our Asian-inspired chicken taco wrap, filled with teriyaki chicken and crisp veggies.

7: Satisfy your cravings with our southwestern chicken taco wrap, loaded with black beans, corn, and spicy salsa.

8: Keep it simple yet delicious with our classic chicken Caesar taco wrap, featuring grilled chicken and Caesar dressing.

9: Indulge in our chipotle chicken taco wrap, with smoky chipotle sauce and roasted red peppers for a bold flavor.