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Shipping, Returns, Etc.

What To Expect After Your Order Is Placed:

After you place an order you should automatically receive a receipt via email. Typically you will receive a second email on the day of shipment providing a USPS tracking number.


Shipping (US): Orders typically ship the next business day via USPS Priority Mail (average delivery in 2-3 days).  Please provide a PO Box # if applicable.  If shipment via a different carrier is necessary, contact us to make alternative shipping arrangements.

Express Shipping (US only): "Next Day" Shipping is available to most areas via USPS Express Mail.  When shipping Express Mail, "Waiver of Signature" will be selected as a delivery option to avoid any delivery delay.  Please note Express Mail may take 2 days for delivery to some areas on the west coast and very rural areas.

Shipping (Canada):


International Shipping (beyond Canada):


"NO HASSLE" Return Policy

If The Pet Net does not suit your needs, simply return the unit (undamaged) to the address provided and the original transaction will be refunded within one business day of its receipt.  The refund amount will be equal to the original purchase price of the unit(s). (*Products not recommended for puppies still in the chewing phase; items damaged by chewing are not eligible for refund.)



Any part or parts observed to have a manufacturing defect and reported (preferably within one week of receipt of the order) will be promptly replaced at no charge. Please note that while every unit is inspected before shipment, some defects are not detectable until the unit is installed.


Legal Disclaimer

This product is intended to reduce driver distraction and in doing so to reduce the risk of an accident for which the cause could be driver distraction due to an accompanying pet (dog). This product is NOT rated as to its efficacy in stopping any object, pet or otherwise, that becomes a projectile in the event of a vehicle accident/collision. 

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