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When reading Reviews, a Note from The Pet Net, LLC to keep in mind: We do not claim The Pet Net is a one size fits all product, because success with The Pet Net depends to some degree on the temperament of your dog, which would be true for any barrier or restraint product. Some dogs that I affectionately refer to as "motivated" will see any barrier as a challenge instead of the deterrent it is intended to be. That being said, The Pet Net Plus was specifically developed to address a few limitations of the Original model, and we hope either The Original Pet Net or The New Pet Net Plus will suit the needs (and budget!) of nearly every pet owner.  

We make an effort to keep the Reviews current, although admittedly there is a large gap in 2014 because development of the new model consumed SO much time!  If you do not see your vehicle make/model listed in the Reviews below, please feel free to contact us because we do keep a list of vehicles The Pet Net may NOT serve well. (This list was kept before The New Pet Net PLUS was developed.)  Also, if you are not sure if either model of The Pet Net is right for your vehicle, reading the information on the "Sizing & Installation" link may help you decide. (In the right-hand column of the homepage, click on the "Sizing & Installation" link in the Navigation box.)

For quick reference, directly below are lists of makes/models of vehicles for which Reviews appear further below. Of course The Pet Net is suitable for other vehicles; the lists refers to vehicles for which we have received specific feedback. 

The New Pet Net Plus:  Audi: A3; BMW: Mini Cooper; Buick:  Lacrosse; Chevrolet/GMC:  Acadia, Cruze, Suburban & Yukon (front & rear), Pontiac G8, Vibe (rear); Ford: Edge; Jeep: Patriot (front & rear); Honda: CRV; Saturn: Vue (front & rear); Subaru: CrossTrek, Forester & Outback; Toyota: Camry 
(Note: Customers who have not been satisfied with The Original Pet Net generally have two reasons, either their vehicle did not have adequate attachment points and/or The Pet Net did not reach high enough in the vehicle to be an effective deterrent for a "motivated" dog.  The New Pet Net Plus was specifically designed to address these issues.)

The Original Pet Net: Audi (Q5); BMW (X3); Chevy GMC (Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Acadia, Town & Country, Envoy, Equinox, Impala); Chrysler Town & Country; Dodge (Ram pick-up, Grand Caravan); Ford (F150, F250, F550, Expedition, Explorer, Flex); Honda (CRV*, Element, Odyssey); Jeep (Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Compass); Kia (Sorento); Mini-Cooper Clubman; Nissan (Xterra, Pathfinder); Pontiac(Vibe); Scion (Xbox, TC); Subaru (Forester, WRX, Outback); Toyota (Rav4, Camry, Forerunner, Highlander); Suzuki (SX4); VW (Jetta, Sportwagon). [*The Original Pet Net not recommended for REAR installation in CRV.]

Loved It & It Works (Honda CRV), July 26, 2015 (PLUS model) 
This pet barrier works!! I can't believe I finally found one that does. I have a black lab that loves the car but cannot sit still. I have tried two different dog seat belts and she ate through both. I had a 3 hours trip coming up with her and needed to stop her from going from the front seat to the back constantly. I liked the idea of the Pet Net Plus, and it kept her contained to the back passenger seat of my Honda CRV for the long ride. She poked her nose at the barrier but could not get to the front seat. It was a relief not to have to deal with her going from the front to the back seat. It was very easy to install and I leave it up all the time now. Great idea Pet Net Plus!

A Perfect Answer (Toyota Camry), July 20, 2015 (PLUS model) 
I was looking for some type of pet barrier to keep my Great Pyrenees/Newfoundland from joining me in the front seat when I was driving. I purchased another pet barrier from a very reputable company that had advertised it as "the world's best". Unfortunately, we didn't make it out of the driveway before my dog went over it and was quite happily sitting on the shift. Then I came upon the Pet Net Plus. It was easy to put together and it works perfectly in my Toyota Camry. I recently drove halfway across Canada and back without an incident. My dog relaxed comfortably in the back seat--never once trying to join me in the front while I was driving. If I didn't know any better, I would not have known he was there. It was the best driving experience I have ever had with him.

A Most Appreciated Product (Ford Edge), July 6, 2015 (PLUS model)
This is a great and easy product to install. It took just minutes to install in a 2015 Ford Edge and comes within about 2" from the roof. Keeps my blue heeler corralled and the hair in one place! Thanks Pet Net!

Finally Something for Fat Cats (Chevy Cruze), June 9, 2015 (PLUS model) 

Project "Fat Cat" Summary- move four twenty + pound fat cats across the country in a Chevy Cruze.  My teenage daughter had it put together in about 30 seconds and in the car within 5 minutes. Fits the Chevy Cruze perfectly. Net goes from floor to ceiling. Note- Normal sized cats/kittens would require simple modifications-pillows stuffed under the front seats and other barriers on the sides of the front seats. Future fat cats, aka-kittens, might be a challenge, as they would find the net too tempting, and would have to climb it. The move was a success - Thanks, Pet Net, LLC!!!

Nice Addition-Well Priced (Mini Cooper), June 4, 2015 (PLUS model) 

Fits my Mini Cooper perfectly. Easy to assemble and install, restrains my 85 lb Doberman from jumping into the front seat.

Highly Recommend (vehicle unknown), May 27, 2015 (PLUS model) 
We have 2 Havanese and they love car rides. This pet net has been great! The boys have a little more freedom in the back now and we feel that it is safer. Also, customer service has been phenomenal. We have no issue with the product. However, the company is a step ahead and has given us extra pieces in the event that we need to replace something. We purchase quite a bit from amazon. And we have to say that from placing the order, to receiving, opening and putting it all together has been one fluid transition. We highly recommend this product to any pet owner.

Worked Perfectly (2007 Pontiac Vibe), May 23, 2015 (PLUS model) 
I researched as widely as possible before ordering a pet barrier for the cargo area of my 2007 Pontiac Vibe. I was extremely impressed with the fact that the assembly instructions are written very clearly, understandably, and in a non-technical-jargon manner; sort of like a friend was explaining what to do next.  Assembly was "easier than easy," then came the real test! I have a 12 year old, 57 pound, Tennessee Mountain Cur (Buddy), and an 8 year old, 32 pound, Parson Russell Terrier (Jack), and they love to jump into the front seat of any vehicle in which they ride. I wanted to have them safely contained in the cargo area, and yet see that they seemed happy with the arrangement. To be honest, I had my doubts.  The Pet Net Plus worked PERFECTLY! Both dogs were very content looking out back and side windows, and would -- now and then -- peek their heads into the open spaces on either side edge (right/left) of the net.  I give Pet Net Plus my Highest Recommendation for anyone needing to safely confine their pets to a particular area of a vehicle.

Sturdy & Does the Job (Ford Edge & Audi A3), May 18, 2015 (PLUS model) 
It was very good for my Ford Edge, but changed cars soon after, now in a Audi A3...fits a bit different, but still just what I needed. Sturdy and does the job.

Excellent Solution (GMC Acadia), May 13, 2015 (PLUS model) 
Works well for reasonable price. Our dog respects the fence which was a pleasant surprise. Very easy installation in our GMC Acadia. Rear view visibility is excellent with fence in place. Still allows for full operation of power seats with fence in place.

Very Pleased (Toyota 4Runner), May 5, 2015 (PLUS model)
I have a German Shepard, a West Highland Terrier and a Cattle Dog we will call her! They all like to jump over the seats and be where I really don't want them. I didn't want the pressure type of barriers and this net looked like a good idea. I have a Toyota 4Runner that I have the second row seating folded down so the dogs can have the entire back. The XL size fits it very well and with it in my dogs are much calmer about not being able to get up in the front, they settle down much better and have not tried to push around the sides.
It is working very well for us. We are very pleased!!

Impressed (Chevy Yukon), March 23, 2015 (PLUS model)
Recently rescued a hyper 9-month old Great Pyrenees (100 lbs.), who is not used to riding in a car.  This net works; it has kept him in the back of our Denali Yukon without trying to help me drive.  Even though he chewed through the back seatbelt, he did not break through to the front.  So thankful for this product!  It was simple to install, for which I'm also thankful.

The Pet Net Plus Is a Great Product (Subaru Forester), March 14, 2015 (PLUS model)
As a volunteer for a local animal adoption society in Delaware, I transport dogs back and forth to adoption events. The dogs may be large or small, any age, any temperament; most often, I have never met them before the day of the event. I needed to buy a pet barrier to install in my 2015 Subaru Forester that would provide a safe environment for the dogs, some of whom may have little or no experience in the car, while keeping me safe behind the wheel.  I wanted a product:  1) that was easy to assemble and disassemble, as I only do pet transport as needed.  2) that would not require modification of the interior of the vehicle and would not be likely to damage to it, and 3) that would keep the dogs from getting into the front seat of the vehicle and creating a dangerous driving condition. 

I happened upon the Pet Net Plus, read the description, the website testimonials and the no-hassle return policy; I liked what I saw and decided to try it. Following the included instructions, I assembled it in minutes and installed into my car behind the front seats; by lowering the back seats and putting down some blanketing, I created a spacious and comfortable compartment for my passengers. I had a chance to put it to the test on the following Saturday, when I transported a Pit Bull from the shelter to an area pet store and back. I can honestly state that the product met my needs and surpassed my expectations; and while cost was not a primary issue, I am pleased that it has provided value at a modest cost.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the purchase. The materials are light-weight but very strong and the engineering shows practicality and attention to detail as well as functionality. It has no sharp edges or exposed metal surfaces and attaches with bungee cords, so it will not damage the car interior. For those with an SUV, the product can be installed behind the front or back seats. And when not in use, the components can be folded and stored in the carrying bag for safekeeping.

Fantastic! (Vehicle Unknown), Feb. 26, 2015 (PLUS model)
I badly needed this because my Aussie/Collie mix stayed in the back seat for about 1 minute...then would jump into the front seat and sit or lay in my lap. I love him but its dangerous & distracting & he drools everywhere. I put this up & he stayed in the back! He tried pawing at the mesh to get in the front but couldn't get through. Then he jumped on the mesh which pulled it down slightly but still not to the point where he could get through. This works great for him, and he is a very persistent little guy :-) I would recommend to anyone.

Great!!!!! (Vehicle Unknown), Feb. 25, 2015 (PLUS model)
I have a Samoyed and he gets so excited in the car. Before the pet net plus he would jump around and be such a distraction. But now he has the freedom to what ever he wants in the back seat without distracting me when I am driving. Great product I recommend to any one who has a big dog.

A+++++ (Vehicle Unknown), Feb. 12, 2015 (PLUS model)
This is best invention to help from my Collie trying to climb up front while I am driving! I would recommend this to my family and friends any day of the week!

Best Dog Barrier Ever! (Subaru CrossTrek), Feb. 12, 2015 (PLUS model)
Finally someone has invented the perfect dog barrier EVER! I recently purchased a Subaru Crosstrek and didn't want to put my old metal barrier up as it damaged the roof and seat backs of my previous vehicle. Not to mention it constantly rattled and was a total pain to put up and take down. It took me no time at all to put together the Pet Net Plus (NEW MODEL). To be honest, I didn't even need to read the directions. The inaugural car ride with my two dogs was a compete success. Kept them both from trying to ride shotgun and most importantly, gave me peace of mind in case I had to hit the breaks suddenly. I love the fact that it's mesh. Much safer than those metal barriers. And the best part is that it took seconds to take down. It easily breaks down and comes with a nice little carrying bag. AWESOME PRODUCT!

Awesome new model - safer for all! (Cadillac SRX), Jan. 20, 2015 (PLUS model)
I just finished a 2 day, 19 hour car ride with my 2 dogs in the back seat with The New Pet Net Plus. My Jack Russell is a handful and she tried to get up front a couple times, but she couldn't get through and eventually gave up. Good news - it works great for our Cadillac SRX. We added a couple extra bungees, but wouldn't have needed them for our larger dog. Easy to set up and awesomely easy to store in its own small carry bag! Perfect for anyone who needs to secure their pets occasionally, but doesn't want a permanent barrier installed. 

New Pet Net Plus is FANTASTIC! (Chevy Yukon & Pontiac G8), Jan. 19, 2015 (PLUS model)
We recently purchased TWO of the New Pet Net Plus model - one for our Yukon XL and one for our Pontiac G8. We recently rescued a 2 yr. old GREAT Dane. She loves riding in our vehicles and wanted to be in the front seats (with us). We wanted to find a cost-effective, innovative, easy to install/de-install barrier between the rear seat(s) and the front seat. During our research, we discovered "Pet Net" and their products - "spot on" - just what we were looking for. Fortunately, they recently released the new model (The Pet Net PLUS) with a rigid tubular frame. The shipment was RAPID and the install proved to be "as described" - easy and straightforward. Now, my wife and I have a level of comfort knowing Marlo is well contained in the rear of our vehicles and Marlo appears to really like it - giving her easy visibility to the front of our vehicles. I have had several message exchanges with the Pet Net founder/inventor. They have been SUPER - extremely Customer-Service oriented and pet well-being focused. BOTTOM LINE - - "we" HIGHLY recommend the Pet Net Plus.

Kudos for Customer Service! (Subaru Outback), Jan. 11, 2015 (PLUS model)
I recently purchased The Pet Net Plus for a Subaru Outback.  I originally called in Dec. to get the correct size for a new vehicle and the owner of the company double checked her records to make sure I got the correct size.  When my vehicle finally arrived, I attempted to install the product.  When I had difficulty, I called the company.  The owner actually picked up on her cell phone while running errands.  She walked me through to make sure I was installing the product correctly. I made modifications to the product (thinking I had to) and then realized that the original product would fit.  My Pet Net Plus was now too small for my vehicle.  I emailed to purchase new rods for my net, and again, the owner promptly got back in touch to correct the problem.  Every issue was my fault, but she made it right. You seldom receive customer service like this any more, especially from an online purchase, but I will surely recommend to everyone I know who is in the market to purchase from The Pet Net Shop. THANK YOU for your fantastic customer service! 

It Works (Kia Sorento), Mar. 5, 2014
We have 2 very active Westies that love to ride in the car. We heard about The Pet Net but realized our Kia did not have the standard attachment points to secure it. Susan (the creator of The Pet Net, and our neighbor) showed us a non-conventional way to install it using the head rests and it works beautifully! Although my shotgun Westie is bummed, we are all much safer now! (Link to YouTube video demonstrating alternative installation:

Sturdy! (Subaru), Jan. 23, 2014
Works great for us. We wanted something our furry little girls could see through as they go down the road.  Fits great in our Subaru. (Size Large)

Too Large for my 2014 Forester XT, Jan. 22, 2014 
Good product, but I had to return it since it was too large for my 2014 Forester XT.  The XT has somewhat different interior dimensions than the regular Forester. (Size Large)

Not Bad at All (vehicle undisclosed), Jan. 19, 2014 
Better for a car than an SUV. We have only used it for a couple of weeks, but so far so good. (Size Large)

Ok in our Suburban, Jan. 16, 2014 
We put The Pet Net up in our suburban, thinking it was going to help provide a barrier between us and our overexcited car-loving does. The design leaves a space in the middle so now our 60 lb lap dog pushes his head through where it sags and lays his head on our shoulders. It's better than in our laps, which was the previous problem. I wish this design had some kind of middle attachment, but it does the job, sort of. (Size Large) (Perhaps the customer is not using the loop bungees specifically intended to support the middle.) 

Good Fit (F-250 truck), Jan. 15, 2014 
We tried another product that wasn't wide enough.  This one fits. (Size Large)

Keeps Dog in Back Seat (truck make/model undisclosed), Jan. 4, 2014
I use this to keep the dog in the back seat of my truck when we travel. I wanted to make sure the dog stayed in the back seat when I go shopping. It also worked when I had an emergency stop. It It took me about 20 minutes to install the first time.  Good product.

Keeps My Pets Safe (SUV make/model undisclosed), Jan. 3, 2014 
I travel with my dogs all the time, and there was always an issue with them wanting to climb in the front seat while I'm driving. This may sound cute, however, can be a serious issue since the distraction can cause an accident. After purchasing this Pet Net, I drive with ease and peace of mind. Initially, my dogs whined behind The Pet Net, however, they are now used to it. They lay in the back seat of my SUV and play with their toys. (Size Large)

Excellent Choice (2006 F-250 Lariat Crew-cab), Dec. 20, 2013

I bought this because my F-250 does not have an adjustable headrest as does the truck shown in the picture which eliminated several other contenders from consideration.  I attached the two upper bungees to the handholds as shown in the picture and found a spot under each front seat to attach the lower corners to.  I added 2 additional small bungees to the bottom of each front seat towards the center console to prevent the dogs from trying to get underneath. I had to make one slight adjustment on the tension to the top corner bungees and this is now a very useful barrier. The Pet Net creates enough of a barrier to keep our 2 German Shorthairs in the back seat... however if you dog is really determined then it will still be able to get over the top into the front.  It is easy to install and easy to remove whenever our needs change. (Size Large)

It Works Well (Nissan Xterra), Dec. 19, 2013
I use this in the way back of my Xterra to keep the dogs in the back.  I have a Boxer and a Chihuahua and even though there are some gaps on either side where little Bob could get through, he doesn't.  Only thing is the visibility is altered a bit (more so at night) with the mesh of the divider.  However, the bungee hooks can simply be unhooked when not in use. This improved my life a lot. (Size Large)

Easily Removed for 3rd Row Access (Chrysler Town & Country), Dec. 17, 2013 
I was originally going to get a metal cage type for the rear part of our Chrysler Town and Country to keep the dogs in the back, but wanted an easy product to uninstall as we occasionally use the third row seats. The Pet Net works great.  It is not fancy, it is just a net but does the work and can be removed in about a minute. (Size Large)

Fit Well, But Not for Large Dogs (2008 Rav4), Dec. 4, 2013
I have a 2008 Rav4 and the large Pet Net fit well, covering the whole back of each front headrest and almost reaching the back seat floor, but our Great Dane pushed on it so much it didn't work for us.  The material is just too flexible. (Size Large)

Works in the Rear (2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee), Nov. 23, 2013 
I had emailed a few weeks back asking if it fit a 2014 Grand Cherokee...yes, it does.  I had to play with it a bit and The Pet Net angles forward over the rear seat, but it works well enough for what I need. (Size Large)

Works Well (Scion Xbox), Nov. 15, 2013 (Size-Large)

Excellent Product, Just Not for GMC Envoy, Nov. 13, 2013 
This is well made and sturdy. Unfortunately it did not fit my Envoy completely and my greyhound managed to get over and around the net. But a less persistent dog would not be so determined to drive the car and it would be a good choice. I suggest measuring your car before you buy it. I didn't and it just did not completely block off the sides. (Size Large)

Fit Perfectly (2014 Grand Caravan), Oct. 12, 2013 - (Size Large)

Nothing More, Nothing Less (1999 Forerunner), Oct. 8, 2013 
Works great on my 1999 4runner, the only complaint is that it obstructs the rearview mirror view a bit. If you're looking to keep your dog(s) out of the front seat without spending too much money or spending a whole day figuring out how to set up a car fence, look no further. (Size Large)

Not the Best for 2013 Ford Escape, Oct. 5, 2013 
The only way I could get the barrier to work in my new Escape is to put down the back seat; however, it still does not stop a determined dog from trying to get in the front with you. I suggest getting additional bungee cords to better tighten the net. (Size Large)

Fits Well (2008 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback), Sept. 24, 2013

Exactly What I've Been Looking For (2013 VW Jetta), Sept. 18, 2013
I am really pleased by the simple yet effective concept.  While there aren't a ton of places in my Jetta to connect the bungees (no back seat handles and the seat belt is too flush to attach to), I did manage to make it work.  My beagle is a little Houdini!

We Love The Pet Net (2013 WRX Subaru), Sept. 18, 2013
Installation was easy in our Subaru.  The lower bungee attaches to the safety belt housing on the floor and that was a little tricky, but The Pet Net helps nicely.

Great Buy, Does the Job (Ford Expedition), Sept. 15, 2013
This barrier was easy to install in my Ford Expedition. It fit well and I was able to adjust it almost any way I wanted to. I would recommend it to those with fairly obedient dogs, however. It won't work well with large dogs who are determined to get in the front seat with you. I have a Border Collie and a Wolfdog pup. The BC is no problem whatsoever. The Wolfdog is 3 months old and wants in the front seat, period! She tries to climb over the top or push her way through the sides. The fact that the barrier is flexible makes it a little difficult to keep her in the back.  BUT, that being said, she can't pull the barrier down. It just moves a bit. So far, I've been able to keep her in the back and the barrier does help with her training.  An older untrained dog might be a problem in which case I'd go for a more stable barrier. Another thing about this barrier is the top part is in line with the rear view mirror. Not too big of a problem, you can still see, but it's right there in your mirror! But, on the other hand, I guess all the barriers would be. You just have to learn to rely on the side view mirrors, too. All things considered this is a great buy for your money. (Size Large)

Great, Simple Design, If It Fits in Your Car (BMW & Volvo), Sept. 6, 2013
I bought 2 of these, one for my BMW & one for my Volvo. Both were easy to install and I love the fact that they can be easily removed & re-installed in less than 5 minutes for when I am temporarily not transporting my dog. The only issue is that the design allows a large enough gap at the top that my dog has on one occasion chosen to (successfully) jump OVER the barrier into the front seat, and my dog is 40+lbs. Since that one time, she has not jumped again, so the barrier so far working well, but the possibility exists that she will choose to do it again. Nevertheless, I like the product very much & I'm glad I bought it. (Size Standard)

Needs to Be a Little Wider (Jeep Grand Cherokee), Aug. 31, 2013
This item did keep 2 of 3 of my dogs from jumping from the very back of our Jeep into the back seat but needed to be a little wider to fit better.  I was not using this in the back seat but would have had the same problem there.  I jury-rigged it to serve this purpose successfully and will be using it in the future. (Size Large)

Worked Well (2012 Ram pickup), Aug. 31, 2013
I used the seatbelt housings for anchors and it worked okay on my 1000 mile trip.  Next trip I will use the assist handles even though they are not as high as I would like.  I have two golden retrievers and they would lean over the top of The Pet Net and nuzzle my ear, but that was fine, better than trying to drive with a Golden in my lap.

Happy for Solution in my RV, Aug. 28, 2013
Traveling with 2 dogs can be a challenge & distraction but with the The Pet Net, I can keep them out of the way. I feel safe driving down the highway now. I have to rig up a few parts, but I accomplished the task. (NOTE: Custom sizes for RVs are available, special order.)

Not Effective with Extremely Energetic Dog, Aug. 24, 2013
My Australian Cattle Dog was pretty determined to get past the barrier and ended up ripping the top corner. I moved that corner to the bottom and can still use it, but maybe this isn't the answer for my dog.

Works Great (Jeep Wranlger Unltd.), Aug. 23, 2013 - Customer ordered size Large

Used for Covering Rear Deck of Jeep Wrangler, Aug. 19, 2013
I used The Pet Net for covering the rear deck of my Jeep. Most deck covers for the Wrangler are a solid piece of fabric, but I wanted just a simple net to keep those lighter objects from floating around at highway speeds.
As for the product itself, it is built as expected for the price. While reading the various negative comments, I do find it funny that people like to blame the product for poor fit or that your pet has figured out a way around it. First off, the measurements and how it is mounted are clearly stated, so if you don't use a tape measure or don't understand how the bungee cords work, maybe it is not fair to blame the product. It does feel solid, it is not cheaply made, but let's be real here, a sub $40 net is definitely not going keep a determined medium to large dog at bay, but for a small dog or well-mannered pet, it will do the trick.

Pleased with Product (Town & Country), Aug. 1, 2013
We were able to use The Pet Net in our Town & Country van with our 14 year old Border Collie. Our first trip was a pleasant one and we are pleased with the product.

3rd Times the Charm! (vehicle make/model undisclosed), July 7, 2013
I absolutely love this product. I wish I had found it sooner. I purchased a wire type Remington barrier, which would not stay put, because every time one of the dogs stepped near it the lowered back seat would go up and down, making the barrier tilt, eventually falling over. Then I bought another type of net that was just too much netting and too much of a fuss to bother with. This is perfect. Maybe if I had found this sooner the sides of my back seat would not have been destroyed from my kids trying to push their heads out the window past the Remington barrier. Highly recommend this product. I have 3 huskies.

Perfect for What We Needed (Nissan Pathfinder), July 7, 2013
Easy to install. I did add two grommets to each side to fit better in our Pathfinder. The dog stays in the back now.

Works!  (2005 Toyota Camry), June 23, 2013
I have 3 stubborn dogs who wanted to get in the front seat whenever I left them in the car. I have a 05 Toyota Camry, and my dogs are all about 50lbs. This went up and they threw a fit, but stayed in the back. Tried to bust through a few times and now have completely given up. I think if you had a hyper small dog that jumps in the front out of fear, it could still easily find a large enough space to crawl through. For my larger dogs who just wanted to sneak into the front, it has been 100% effective. So easy, so cheap, perfect!

It Solved a Problem Not in my Car, in My Apartment, June 19, 2013
I needed to keep my 2 dogs in the bedroom with me all night and there was no door to close. I tried adjustable dog gates but because of the baseboard molding, I could not use them. The Pet Net was the perfect solution. I inserted 4 Cup hooks to install and hold the net. It's quick and easy to close at night, and also open in the morning. I appreciate this product.
* The Pet Net is available "net only" for uses other than travel. Custom sizes also available. Please contact us directly for more information.

Had it Installed for About a Month- Not For My Dog, June 5, 2013
I thought I could "retrain" the boy to stay in the back! Ha! As soon as I took it down he was in MY seat again, in spite of scolding him. As for the product, I feel it impaired my vision, so I was not comfortable with it installed in my car. It has to be tight which puts strain on the grommets, it was challenging to install, as in find a place to attach it to was challenging. My 100 lb dog leaned on it more than once which put additional strain on the fabric and grommets. Overall, a good concept, but not for me.

Great Pet Barrier ( SUV make/model undisclosed), June 4, 2013
Easily adjustable to different setups. Keeps my dog safe in the rear of the SUV. Not ugly like the steel cage barriers.

Great Fit (Honda Element), May 21, 2013
I installed this behind the front seats in my Honda Element. It fits and work great for keeping the dogs from jumping in the front seat.

Perfect for the Truck (Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab), May 13, 2013
I'm using this in a Ram 1500 Crew Cab as the barrier to keep the lab in the backseat. It creates the perfect barrier that doesn't allow him to step on the center console and hop in the front seat when he is left in the truck for a short while. It is easy to install/uninstall for the times the dog is not with us and is not bulky like the bar systems.

Feedback for Ford Flex, April 28, 2013
Every car has different fastening points. We have a Ford Flex which is a fairly large car. Even with the width of the Flex, I still had to double fold one of the sides in order to make the net snug with no gaps. However that being said and for the reasonable price, I think it will work just fine for our needs. (Size Standard)

Works Great! (F250 Crew Cab), April 18, 2013
It took all of five minutes to install, and spanned the back of my F250 Crew Cab no problem. Now my Rat Terrier can't bounce all over the truck as he pleases! He is not happy about it at all, and sits in the back very depressed! Highly Recommended!

It Works Great (Chevy Equinox), April 9, 2013
Just should've gone with the smaller size for the Chevy Equinox. Seems to keep the Great Dane and bull terrier out of the front seat while we are driving, which is always a plus! (Size Large)

Pretty Good Deal (vehicle undisclosed), Mar. 27, 2013
We have a metal bar type barrier in one SUV and this mesh in another SUV. We have come to prefer this one. The metal one needs constant adjustment or tightening. It also tends to rattle a bit if we don't babysit it all the time. The Pet Net has done a great job containing our two dogs. We had to do some customizing when installing this, as our SUV does not have handles exactly where the ones in their pictures are, but we figured it out and it has stayed put. It is easy to see rear traffic through and it does not rattle or need constant adjustment. My only hesitation is I wonder how it can handle very large dogs or dogs that are not well mannered and would test the strength of it. Our dogs are 50lbs each. They "tried" the barrier a bit with their faces, gave up and now accept it. I much prefer this over anything else we have tried. You may need a few extra bungees to make it fit your car. [Note: The Pet Net, LLC completely agrees that your success with The Pet Net, or any barrier, depends to some extent on the size and/or temperament of your dog.]

Great for the Price (vehicle undisclosed), Mar. 21, 2013 
This is great for the price and works but don't expect a custom looking fit for every car. Overall I am happy though.

Happy Travelers (Honda CRV), Mar. 18, 2013
The pet net worked great on our 2012 Honda CRV. Easy to install and it kept both dogs (big and med) out of our laps. They could still see over the top and through the netting so they were happy. More importantly we were able to concentrate on driving and not fuss at dogs trying to move up front. It also helped when we had to leave them in the car for a few minutes as they were unable to get to the front seat and cause mischief. (Size Large) [Note: We have had returns from CRV owners. Please assess vehicle for attachment points carefully, particularly if you intend to install it in the rear cargo area.]

Feedback from Customer with Ford Escape, March 17, 2013
I received The Pet Net (quickly) and I own a 2011 Ford Escape. It seems that it will work well but I do have to go purchase two additional smaller bungees. The quality is great.

Keeps Dogs in Back! (2013 Ford Escape), March 13, 2013
This does what it says. Quality product and plenty of bungee cord choices (6). My only gripe would be if they added a few more grommets closer together. I would have liked to used it "horizontally" (like in the picture), but the 2 grommets on each end didn't allow it to be tight enough (saggy in the middle) for my car (2013 Escape). I was going to use the next ones "in" but that didn't work as the cords were too short then. I ended up using it vertically which worked out fine with regard to the "tightness" but there is too much drag now on the floor. The dogs won't crawl under that, so I'm not worried but it's now also "higher" than I would have preferred it to be, and partially interferes with the rear view mirror... not dangerous or anything, more just a bit of an annoyance. But it's still better than having 3 Pomeranians jumping around the front seat! (Size Large) [Note: Although The Pet Net was not designed for a vertical installation, some customers have found it a viable alternative when lacking good upper attachment points.]

Feedback from Customer with Town & Country Minivan, March 2, 2013
We have a 2010 Town & Country mini van. I used the standard size behind the front seats and the larger one in the back near the rear door. Both are working out well. The front one has a better fit than the back, more so because of the limited hooks in the vehicle, but I was able to work something out. But the back one is doing what I want, which is stopping the dogs from jumping out when I open the back door. So it has been a good safety feature in blocking the back door. The nets are really good quality as well.

Dog No Longer in Front Seat (GMC truck), Feb. 18, 2013
Easy to install and restrains dog to rear seat. Tough enough to keep the largest dog from jumping to front seat of my GMC truck. (Size Large)

Not For Athletic Dogs (full-sized pickup truck), Feb. 9, 2013
Product was as described, very good quality. We wanted it for a full sized pickup truck and the grab bars are not high (as in the sales picture), so the top of the net comes only slightly above the top of the seat. Our problem- our German Shorthair bounds over it like it is not there. Will probably work OK when there are two of us in the front and a verbal command will work. However, when only a driver is with her or when left alone she is immediately in the front. For small dogs and older ones it will be a wonderful idea because of the ease of installing. Also an advantage is it allows the front seats to be individually adjusted where a rigid one limits seat preferences. (Size Large) 
*Athletic dogs may try to leap over The Pet Net if it cannot be installed high enough in a vehicle. The Pet Net, LLC is aware of one creative installation idea which brings The Pet Net up to the ceiling. Please contact us for further information about this alternative if you are interested. 

It Works!  (SUV make/model undisclosed), February 6, 2013
Lightweight, easy and flexible installation, keeps my dog in the back of my SUV. Also, I previously had one of those tension bar type barriers; I had to come to a sudden stop in traffic and it fell down and scared my dog! That won't happen with this.

Feedback from Customer with Jeep Wrangler Sport Trac, January 22, 2013
Just wanted to write to let you know that the Pet Net worked perfectly in my car. It doesn't quite reach the sides in terms of width, but we are pretty certain our dog isn't going to try to get through. We also bought a couple additional bungees for the top to ensure it was holding on to the roll bars so that our vision wasn't obstructed out the back window. We have a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport. The quality is great. (Size Large)

Easy to Use and Good Safety Feature (vehicle undisclosed) Jan. 20, 2013
If you don't like the metal barriers, this is a great alternative. Easy to setup, easy to take down, and easy to store. Works great at protecting pups from sudden stops too. The net/bungee design really absorbs the energy if the dogs are thrown forward in a sudden stop. We experienced this once when a vehicle pulled onto the highway right in front of us.

Could Be Wider (vehicle undisclosed), Jan. 17, 2013
The quality of the item is fine. However, it is not wide enough. My lab can easily jump through the opening on either side and get into the front seat while I am driving. It works much better with my small dog. [Note: Custom sizes are available by special order. Also, some customers with this issue have reported a rolled towel between the seat and the vehicle frame solves the problem.]

Thumbs Up (2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac), Jan. 16, 2013 - The Pet Net fits perfectly. (Size Large)

Portable, Convenient Barrier System (Ford Escape), January 11, 2013
I wanted something that didn't have to be in there all the time and that I could quickly install. I also didn't want one of those rigid ones that leave permanent marks in your ceiling and floor and comes loose if anything touches it. The Pet Net seemed like a great idea - easy, convenient, and the price was right! The Pet Net is an excellent product, however, some vehicles aren't designed 'perfectly' for the item so you may have to rig it a little bit if you don't have strategically placed upper connection points. I really like this product and I would like it even more if the design of my vehicle were a little better suited to it. It's a smart convenient solution to safely keep your dogs in the back seat and I plan to use it going forward... just have to tweak it for my vehicle.

Works Great (Ford Expedition), Jan. 3, 2013
After a lot of research I found this to be the best for my dog does not jump in the driver's seat while I am trying to get in....worth the money. (Size Large)

Excellent & Affordable Product (F150 Supercab), Jan. 3, 2013
Installed this barrier in my F150 Supercab (between front & back seats) to keep my 3 devious hounds from sneaking into the forbidden front seat. Easy to install and very well-made & secure for the price. I highly recommend it as an inexpensive or temporary alternative to a custom metal pet barrier. (Size Large) 

Feedback Regarding BMW X3, December 20, 2012 - Fits my 2013 BMW X3.

Keeps the Dogs in Back (Ford F150), December 14, 2012
The net was easy to install and stays in place very well.  Takes only a minute to take out and put back in place. Good product and good price.

Works for Me But Tearing at Corners (Subaru Outback), Nov. 14, 2012
I have had this for a few weeks, and have it behind the back seat of a Subaru Outback. It fits well enough to keep the dogs back there. My complaint is the quality of some of the stitching. The seams on the corners are pulling apart, and I don't think I have it so tight to warrant the separation of the seams that is occurring. (Size Standard) [Note: As with any mass produced product, defects are inevitable. Although every Pet Net is checked before shipment, some defects do not become apparent until The Pet Net is subject to the tension of installation.  The Pet Net, LLC will honor any defective unit with a replacement and strives to offer a quality product at an affordable price while offering the best customer service.]

Perfect Product (Jeep Compass), November 10, 2012
I have three large breed dogs and they love to go on road trips. I have a Jeep Compass we load them up in and the "pet net" is perfect for keeping them all out of the front seat. Great product at a great price!

Feedback from Customer, November 6, 2012
This is a great tool to keep your pet safely in the back of the vehicle, without using a cage! My only dislike is that you have to anchor the net to the middle seats, which isn't great if the passengers want to recline or move the seat. We just need to find a better way to anchor/attach The Pet Net. Great product and great idea! Thanks! [Note from The Pet Net, LLC: Anchoring of The Pet Net as indicated in this review is not necessary in every type of vehicle; it is described in the instructions as an optional way to provide extra stability in the middle of The Pet Net.]

Also Great as a Cargo Net! (Toyota Highlander), November 4, 2012
Our 4 legged family only rides in cargo carriers in the back of our pick-up with a topper. So we did not need this net to keep animals under control and drool out of our faces, though I have no doubt it would serve that purpose. Instead we've placed it behind the driver's seat of our Toyota Highlander to protect us from things that could move forward if we had to stop quickly when we travel with a full car. It fits well and we're confident it will at least slow down a projectile should there be an accident or need for a sudden stop. We purchased extra bungee cords (6 for $1.00 at local dollar store)and used a couple just to assure it was taut. We can easily see through the net when looking in the rear-view mirror. The directions and courtesy shown by this seller are stellar. Thank you for offering just what we wanted!

Great Product! (Audi Q5 & Subaru Outback), November 4, 2012
It works perfectly as advertised in both my Audi Q5 and our Subaru Outback. We have two 40lb wheaten Terriers who previously would do anything to get onto the front seat or stand on the console. This no longer is a problem while we're driving nor if they're alone in the vehicle for a while. I will say it takes a bit more effort to install the netting in the Audi than the Subaru.

Easy, Easy, Easy! (Ford Explorer), November 2, 2012
I've now purchased two of these. One for my Explorer (05) and one as a gift for my doggie day care lady as a thank you. She has a large full size truck. This is by far the easiest barrier to put up and take down and it keeps my dogs out of the front without any problem. I have a Frenchie who is very headstrong and he doesn't even attempt to push it. When I am driving people around, it comes down in a matter of seconds and folds right up so it fits into the pocket of the seat back in front of it. Genius product!

Good Product - GREAT Customer Service, Oct. 27, 2012
The Pet Net is very nicely made. I called the company just after ordering to ensure that I had purchased the right size for my car. They changed my order to the right size and were FANTASTIC to work with. This is the way small business is supposed to work!

Just What I Was Looking For!  October 18, 2012
This was just what I was looking for! The netting keeps my dog from jumping around the car yet doesn't block my view. I had to get creative making it fit in my ford edge because it doesn't have coat hooks close to the rear back rest, but that is the car design, not the barrier. I used short bungee cords and attached to handles above the rear doors and it works fine. Easy to setup and take down. A determined dog could rip through any net barrier but my dog is staying in the back now! (Size Standard)

Worked for us!  (mini-van) October 12, 2012
This product worked as advertised. It kept our two large and rowdy dogs out of my lap as we drove to the country for a day of romping off leash. There are multiple options for securing the Pet Net using the provided bungee cords, though I added a couple of my own bungee cords to get the perfect configuration for our mini-van. (Size Large)

A great product! (Pontiac Vibe), October 1, 2012
This is a FABULOUS product! With 2 child seats taking up the back seat of my 2003 Pontiac Vibe, my dog (now 2 dogs) had to be moved to the cargo area for any type of car trip. I spent months looking for a product that 1) looked like it would fit my smaller than SUV car and 2) didn't cause blind spots when I am driving. The PET NET fit the bill perfectly! At the time I got the Pet Net, I had a medium sized lab mix dog who could be very insistent on standing between the front seats during car trips. I was concerned that she would not stay in the cargo area and constantly try to get past the net and climb over the seats to get to the front of the car. From the very first time I used the Pet Net Sabrina hasn't tried to get around the net or paw at it. The Pet Net does not create blind spots when driving, a huge plus. It is easy to take the net in and out of the car as needed but I keep the net up all the time for convenience. As a nanny I transport 2 young children in the car several times a day and the older child, 3 years old, doesn't mind having the net somewhat above his head. I highly recommend the PET NET! You won't be disappointed.

Not for Determined Dogs! Sept. 12, 2012
This would not keep my 22 lb dog out of the front seats but she's a very determined doggie. Otherwise it would be a great product. Easy to install. Terrific service from this company. I would do business with them again in a heartbeat.

Soft Dog Barrier (Subaru Forester), September 6, 2012
I have a 2004 Subaru Forester, and have started taking my Italian Mastiff hiking with me. I needed something that would keep her from sitting in my lap (!) but would also not prevent me from using the back seats when I had the occasional passenger. The Pet Net has worked extremely well. I purchased the smaller of the two sizes. It was easy to install, and fit the spaces needed to keep my dog and myself safe (not to mention the other drivers on the road!). I did add an additional bungee on the bottom middle grommet so that she couldn't sneak her head under--did I mention that she was smart? All in all this is a well designed product, and I think this will serve us well for a long time to come. (Size Standard)

Works for my Mini Cooper Clubman, July 23, 2012
I had a tough time finding something that would work in my car because the metal type would not fit inside my car. This flexible barrier is adjustable in different ways to customize to my needs. (Size Standard)

Terrific Product for the Money (Ford F550 and Jeep Grand Cherokee), June 17, 2012
I ordered the Pet Net thinking if it didn't work, I wouldn't be out much money. We have a German Shepherd who thinks he belongs up in the front seat. Not! We normally crate him when traveling but it was getting to be a bit much lifting him up onto the back seat platform of the truck. We discovered he can jump up into the truck if the platform isn't used but we needed a way to keep him in the back, not up front. We took our first trip this weekend with the Pet Net and it worked terrific. Our dog respected the boundary he was given and didn't try to get through the net, even though it doesn't go all the up to the ceiling. With his dog bed on the back floor and the Pet Net between us, it turned out to be an enjoyable trip. Plus it was super easy to install. Now to see how it works in our Jeep Grand Cherokee!** Update on Sept 17, 2012 ***We liked our Pet Net so much, we just bought a second one. We were swapping the first one back and forth between our 2006 Ford F550 truck and 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee and felt it was well worth purchasing a second one. It is easy to set up, but for the money, why not get 2?! The Pet Net is a great product and I highly recommend it for anyone contemplating getting a pet restraint system.

Fits Well in my Mini Cooper Clubman! (May 23, 2012)
I had been looking online for something elegant and easy to set up to keep my Chocolate Labrador away from the front seat. I must admit that it took me some time (20 minutes) to figure out how to fasten it so The Pet Net would be nicely stretched, but this is just one-time work; once you find all your connectors, then it is a matter of seconds to put it up or down. In the beginning, I had to get used to the "darker" view in the rear view mirror, but one can see through the net and I got used to it. When I put my Lab in the car with The Pet Net the first time, it took only seconds and her nosy chocolate head popped out over The Pet Net. I immediately stopped her, pushed her head back, and since then, she has never tried to climb over it. I fastened The Pet Net pretty high up, so there is not much space between the edge and the roof. I am extremely happy with the purchase and highly recommend the product. (Size Standard)

Very Happy with Product (Honda Odyssey), April 16, 2012
Wasn't sure I was going to like the product, as it seemed like it was just a net barrier with bungee cords, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It keeps the dogs in the back of our Honda Odyssey and they don't seem to mind it at all. It's easy to take in & out, and doesn't inhibit vision or cause problems with depth perception like the metal barriers can. Very happy with product.

WINNER! (Honda Element), March 14, 2012
We seriously got tired of breaking our arms to hold our high energy huskies back from thinking they are lap dogs in the car. This does wonders ! It takes the correct adjustments to be made with patience, but once you got it - smooth sailing and safety for all of us! We have a Honda Element 2008.

Great, Versatile, But Maybe Not for All Dogs (Chevy Impala), Feb. 15, 2012
We purchased a hammock car seat cover and it didn't work. After awhile of looking for a product that wasn't permanent or a pain to install, we found The Pet Net. I like it because it's lightweight, easy to install, not expensive, creative, and it does it's job. It literally took us ten minutes, maximum, to set up the Pet Net in our 2007 Chevy Impala. It takes a little innovation because of the bungee attachments; where you hook them onto really depends on how your vehicle is made. This means that the instructions aren't completely obvious, so you need to "play around" a little bit to figure out the perfect fit for your car. The plus side is that this is what makes The Pet Net a versatile and convenient product. After we installed it, none of our three dogs managed to get in the front. We have two large dogs and one small-medium dog. One of the large dogs tried to come up front by pushing against The Pet Net with her head, but it just stretched with her so she stopped. The medium/small dog did not try to weasel under it or anything like that.  I wouldn't depend on The Pet Net to keep a super crazy hyperactive dog in the back seat; there is enough of a gap on the top that a determined dog could jump over it. For the calm to considerably excited dog that you want to keep in the back seat, this is a perfect product. No fuss storage, no fuss installation, and no fuss taking it down. (Size Standard)

Ready for the Road (VW Sportwagon), Nov. 11, 2011 
The perfect product for us and for our new VW Sportwagon. Our dog is able to see through the net and doesn't feel the need to crawl over. Since we leave it in place, other passengers appreciate the open feel and don't feel like they're in the doghouse!

Traveling Safer...Love the Pet Net! (Expedition EL), November 10, 2011
I love, love, love Pet Net! I have an Expedition EL and it is plenty big enough. I have it directly behind the driver/passenger seats, hooked around the handles in the 2nd row. I keep it a bit low so I don't see it in the mirror, but it's still enough to keep my two black labs from coming into the front seat. I like that when I need to remove it to accommodate human passengers it's easy to remove and store! It's nice not to have a bulky metal gate to deal with....and if I do have to brake quickly, my dogs don't slam into a metal frame. Also, the Net was shipped and arrived quickly. The Net comes in a mesh bag and all bungees are included. Highly recommended!!!

Easy & Functional (Chevy Tahoe), October 14, 2011
We bought the Pet Net [Brand Safety Barrier] for our Chevy Tahoe. It fit perfectly and took just a few minutes to install. The net doesn't block the view, our pets can see us and we can see out the back window. Best of all, it works great keeping our 3 lap dogs (8-20 lbs) in the back and off our laps! For our situation, this net was the ideal solution!

Great Barrier (Acadia), August 15, 2011
My dog was always standing in the middle, with her front paws either on the passenger seat or on me....put this right in my car (Acadia) in minutes and it works great. Can still see in the rear view mirror and it keeps her back. Is sturdy enough that can still move the seats back for different passengers and still stays where it should.

Prius Peace! June 17, 2011
I keep my back seats down almost all the time for my dogs (a Lab and a Golden Retriever). The Pet Net keeps them in back whether I'm driving or have parked and left the vehicle. It's nice not to have muddy wet dog footprints on my front seats, additional scratches on the dashboard, or toenail punches around the windows. It's also easy to put up and take down, and the bag for it is also nice to have. (Size Standard)

Great Product for the Price - Ordered 2, Use Them Both, May 25, 2011
I ordered two Pet Nets. I used one right behind the front seats to prevent my four dogs from jumping up there. I had to fold it in half because it was too big, but it still works and looks great. I used the second one on the back hatch door of my SUV. I rigged it up so I can open the window and still prevent my dogs from getting out of the car. I like to take my dogs everywhere with me, even if it's just to the grocery store. But on hot summer days, I can't leave them in a closed vehicle. This allows me to take them on car rides on warmer days. I can crack the windows, open the sun roof and open the hatch window, allowing for an awesome breeze. My dogs love it!

Works for Me! (4-door Pickup Truck), May 17, 2011
I needed an easy and temporary way to keep my 2 dogs from jumping into the front seat. I drive a 4 door pick up truck but there isn't enough room in the back seat for 2 crates and for the few times they are left in the truck on their own I didn't want to mess with harnesses and belts. This goes up quickly with the bungees. I attach it to the handles on the top and to the seat rail on the bottom. The first time I set it up I found that if the bungees aren't tight the dogs might be able to jump over it but the visual barrier is enough for them.

Wonderful Product Even Better Company and Customer Service! April 24, 2011
With multiple points to connect to interior of car it makes it fit tight and keeps the puppy in the back. Instructions that are included are very helpful for the proper fit if it does not fit the first attempt!This works wonders to keep my australian shepard in the back where she belongs. She can still hold her head out the rear seat window as she always does while we drive down the road! Great idea and great price! It is better then the rigid dividers that will rub on interior spaces and ruin your interior while this Pet Net can be placed anywhere and connection points will not damage your interior.Would recommend to anyone with a puppy that would rather sit with you and while they are alone in car it keeps them in the back and lets the hair and dirt stay in the back.

Love The Pet Net! (Jeep Cherokee), April 16, 2011
Just wanted to tell you how much I love your Petnet! I bought a metal barrier for my Jeep Cherokee and used it for 2 weeks before the constant rattling drove me nuts! The Petnet is perfect for keeping my Labradoodle from visiting me in the front seat while I'm driving, and it was super easy to install. Thank you!

Great Success! (Minivan), April 1, 2011
Just wanted to let you know how much we and our dogs LOVE the Pet Net [Brand Safety Barrier]! It was a great success on our recent road trip. It was so easy to install, and it freed up a lot of room in the back of our minivan, unlike our previous metal pole pet barrier which took up a lot of floor space. It also allowed for much clearer visibility when driving; the other barriers sometimes produced unsafe blind spots. I think because the Pet Net is so lightweight and unobtrusive, the dogs didn't feel as if they were cut off from us, and yet they still respected the Net. Thanks again for such a great product! Dexter and Lena give your net 4 paws up!!!

The VERY BEST Vehicle Pet Barrier EVER!  March 16, 2011
Look no further. This net is durable, easy, inexpensive, easy to hook anywhere and very easy to remove, you just unhook! There are no fussy bars that move, bend, break, or are a hassle to remove out of the car. Easier than moving a kennel in and out. I can't say enough about this product. But the most wonderful part of The Pet Net is the best customer service! In a day and age where great customer service is on the decline, the owner included a thank you, and a personal business card with my receipt and order. It came 4 days before I was expecting it too! I have the larger net for my dogs but it also comes in a smaller size. THE BEST! THANK YOU!

I love this product! (Ford Explorer), February 15, 2011
I love this product! It's easy to hook up and unhook if you don't want it up, unlike all the other pet barriers. There are no bars or fussy gadgets, just loop and hook to wherever! It's flexible for any car, truck, SUV, and any pet large or small because you can hook it as high or low to anything....I'm at peace now when I leave my 2 big dogs in the car (I have a Ford Explorer) No hair on the seats, it's lovely in everyway. I also received it 4 days earlier than my "expected time of delivery"!!! When does that ever happen?!? The best thing about this company is the care & detail of my shipment & order from the owner herself. Quick, responsive, and the very best customer service I HAVE EVER HAD! I highly recommend this product AND company :)

Review by, November 10, 2010
The Pet Net is an absolutely wonderful product designed to keep your pet in the back of your car and out of your lap and helps tremendously to offset dangerous distractions to the driver. Various grommet points are available to create the best fit for your vehicle and it is easily interchangeable between vehicles. Read the directions when you're handling the adjustments and you'll become a pro at the easy-to-make adjustments. But the best part of this product is how affordable it is. For less than $30 (and that even includes shipping!), you can have a safe barrier between you and your pets while you are driving. At a price point like that, there is no reason to be unsafe on the road again!

Super Product! Works like a charm! November 5, 2010
This mesh barrier is a god-send! My English Cocker Spaniel is very determined to make his way to the front seat and has launched himself over (or squeezed himself through) practially every other product on the market...But not this one! Finally a product that keeps him in the right place. He has even locked me out of the car by making his way to the front and hitting the locking button. Those days are behind us, I am happy to say. Thank you, Pet Net!!

Best vehicle pet restraining barrier yet!!! (Honda Odyssey), November 2, 2010
I have been involved in the pet industry as a pet groomer and pet boarding owner. I have also participated in a variety of competitions. The different venues in which I participate calls for traveling with my dogs almost every weekend. I've been looking for a barrier of some kind to keep my dogs from coming up into the front seat while I am driving and also for when I am parked somewhere to stop to eat or whatever. I've tried every barrier out there with zero success. I have a Honda Odyssey mini van which is fairly wide, so most barriers I have purchased were never wide enough and/or tall enough and didn't have workable fasteners. The Pet Net is the perfect answer. It is sooooo simple to install, tall and wide enough to cover the entire area between the front seats. It easily adjusts to any size space for which you are trying to create a barrier. You won't go wrong purchasing this barrier and it is very reasonably priced as well. It even comes with a very nice storage bag. I love this pet net barrier!!!

Best Pet Barrier Around! (Yukon and Scion TC), October 8, 2010
I've been looking for a pet barrier to keep my 3 dogs from jumping in the front seat while I'm driving. I have 2 very different vehicles, and was really trying to find a portable, convenient, method that fits both vehicles- and this is it! The net is sturdy, the holes are big enough that the dogs' claws don't get caught in it, and it is made well- I expect it to hold up for a long time. The multiple bungee hooks that come with it make it easy to adjust to any vehicle, adjust the height, etc. This net easily fits in a Yukon and a Scion Tc and my dogs didn't protest since they were able to see me driving. I'm very happy I didn't buy a more expensive barrier or one with tension rods which have the potential to damage the roof lining of my vehicles. Whether you have a large vehicle, or small, one dog, or many, this is the pet barrier for you!

Finally, One That Works! October 2, 2010
I've been looking for something like this for years & years! This net is stiff enough not to fold & buckle & keeps both my Labs in the back seat. All the previous ones I've owned stretched & the holes were large enough for my dog's nails to get caught. The bungee cords, which come with it, are unattached, allowing you to configure them through the grommets on the net, to fit any type of vehicle interior. We own all sizes of vehicles from a compact car to 2 sizes of SUVs & it works equally well in all of them. For lots of pets who just need to know where the barrier is to their "real estate", this one is a safe & easy solution, which doesn't mar the vehicle's interior & the net looks like it will not wear out!

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