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At Long Last...wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverage in a lightweight, affordable barrier!  This is the ultimate barrier design we have been working toward since 2009. 

"The Great Divide" has a solid, fiberglass rod perimeter framework spanning the height and width of any vehicle, yet it is lightweight and stores compactly.  5 sizes - 3 for installation behind the front seats and 2 for the cargo area. Sizing is based on the total width of the vehicle - it's SO Simple!



  • For installing behind the front seats, just measure the width of your vehicle, wall-to-wall at headrest height.  
  • For installing in a cargo area, measure the height of that space.


For installation behind the front seats:

  • Select a Front-Small if your width is 52" or less,
  • Select a Front-Medium if your width is over 52" up to 56",
  • Select a Front-Large if your width is over 56".


For installation in the cargo area: 

  • Select a Rear-Small if your height is around 33",
  • Select a Rear-Large if your height is closer to 43”.


Questions? No problem - just Contact Us.  Awesome customer service is guaranteed. 


The Great Divide

  • The nylon net is hand washable; air dry.

  • Net barrier, perimeter rods of either metal or fiberglass, 6 metal connector pieces for connecting the rods, 4 double-hook bungees, 2 loop bungees, bag for storage, detailed assembly and installation instructions, and terrific customer service!

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