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Our Story

Bailey, our Aussie Shepherd, was the inspiration for The Original Pet Net in 2009. One day while riding in our suburban, Bailey tried climbing in the front seat, as dogs often do, nearly causing me to run off the road narrowly missing a telephone pole.  That was the proverbial last straw, and I vowed to find a solution to the problem thinking this would involve some online shopping, and at worst, a trip to an actual store.

Having had dogs all my life, I knew what products were available.  Doggie seat belt? Definitely not for Bailey - she would figure that out in one trip and I’d never get her in it a second time. Metal bars barriers? I’d heard they rattle, and something that bulky and permanent (and expensive!) wasn’t right for our circumstances anyway. Every product I considered was either not practical, convenient or affordable, or all of the above!  

So ours is a classic “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention” scenario.  In thinking about the drawbacks to the products on the market at the time, The Pet Net concept came to me. I decided to give it a go, as they say, if my idea could be manufactured for an affordable price.  Our first model, The Original Pet Net, was very well received, and our second model, The Pet Net Plus, “fixed” some of The Original Pet Net's shortcomings.

Now with our third and last model, The Great Divide, we achieve our ultimate goal in design, WALL-TO-WALL & FLOOR-TO-CEILING coverage!

As a family business, we rely exclusively on word of mouth advertising.  If imitation is a form of flattery, then we must be doing something right because the copycats (copydogs?) have been relentless through the years.  If you want to support our product and business, simply tell your friends and family, maybe create a FaceBook post, or better still, post a REVIEW on AMAZON.  For better or for worse, most of our sales come through Amazon, and Reviews on Amazon literally make or break product listings.  Reviews that mention a specific make/model of vehicle and breed of dog are particularly helpful. Even if you order via this site, usually you can post a review on Amazon, it just isn’t identified as a “verified purchase.”

Happy Tails & Happy Trails

Susan & Bailey

Creator & Official Spokedog 

* Note:  Success with any barrier or restraint will depend, at least in part, on the temperament of the pet.  Some dogs that I affectionately refer to as "motivated" will see any barrier as a challenge instead of the deterrent it is intended to be, and in some circumstances crating may be the safest option for all concerned. 

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