THE PET NET Brand Safety Barrier
Makes Safety for the Whole Family
Convenient & Affordable!
(Newly Redesigned Pet Net Plus
Now Available!)

When a pet becomes a distraction to the driver, everyone in the vehicle is at risk. With its innovative designs, THE ORIGINAL PET NET & THE PET NET PLUS keep your pet in the back seat without restraint, and they are designed to fit almost any vehicle including cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks. Both models use a bungee attachment system making them easy to install or remove with no hardware necessary.  After your first peaceful, worry-free ride, you won't ever want to travel again without THE PET NET!

Now available is the newly redesigned model, THE PET NET PLUS!  The main drawback of The Original Pet Net's design is the need for attachment points in the right places. This is particularly true for installation in a rear cargo area.  Also, in some vehicles the attachment points are too low and a "motivated" dog may try to jump over the barrier.  The Pet Net Plus was designed specifically to address these two issues.  With its self-supporting framework, The Pet Net Plus needs only headrests for installation, and when installed it will nearly reach the ceiling.  With 5 sizes available, choose the size that best fits the width of your vehicle.

Specific to each model, the price is the same for all sizes
because our priority is the customer getting the correct size rather than the price of the order.

IMPORTANT:  Assess vehicle for attachment points, especially upper ones, before choosing The Original Pet Net.
Standard - 47"W x 24"T for cars and smaller SUVs & trucks
Large - 47"W x 34"T  for larger SUVs or trucks
$29.99 for either size
Included: The Original Pet Net, 2 loop bungees, 4 double-hook bungees (12"), exterior bag for convenient storage.

For sizing and installation questions, click the "Sizing & Installation" link in the NAVIGATION section above and to the right (between "My Cart" and "Sponsors").

The New Pet Net PLUS is recommended in the following situations: 1) for vehicles lacking adequate upper attachment points that might otherwise be able to use The Original Pet Net, 2) for customers preferring a barrier that nearly reaches the ceiling, 3) for those who intend to install the barrier in a rear cargo area, and 4) for small cars.

The design and sizing of The Pet Net PLUS was developed so that the barrier will fit precisely based on one specific measurement.  The key measurement is the distance from the outer edge of one headrest to the outer edge of the adjacent headrest (either front seat headrests or headrests in the 2nd or 3rd row if installing in a rear cargo area). 

$37.99 for any size
Included: The Pet Net Plus, 4 collapsible poles, 4 corner "L" brackets, 2 loop bungees, 2 double-hook bungees, exterior bag for convenient storage.

To decide which size would be appropriate, view specific Sizing instructions by clicking
the "Sizing & Installation" link in the NAVIGATION section above and to the right (between "My Cart" and "Sponsors").

Phone orders are welcome.  Most credit cards are accepted (Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx, Diners Club).

To use PayPal, send an email using the "Contact" tab above. You will be contacted promptly regarding making payment arrangements.
Questions:  If you are having difficulty ordering online or have any other questions, please see the "Contact" tab above.

-To view an installation demonstration of The Original Pet Net, visit

"NO HASSLE" Return Policy:  If The Pet Net does not suit your needs, simply return the unit (undamaged) to the address provided and the original transaction will be refunded within one business day of its receipt.  The refund amount will be equal to the original purchase price of the unit(s). *Products not recommended for puppies still in the chewing phase or cats.

Warranty:  Any part or parts observed to have a manufacturing defect and reported (preferably within one week of receipt of the order) will be promptly replaced; no additional shipping for the replacement part(s) will be charged. Please note that while every unit is inspected before shipment, some defects are not detectable until the unit is installed.

A Note to Our Customers:  The Pet Net, LLC makes an effort to list feedback on the "Reviews" tab that includes information about makes/models of vehicles in which The Pet Net has been used successfully.  The Pet Net, LLC does NOT retain personal information of any kind (addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers, etc.).  You will not receive any spam as a result of your order and our shopping cart is "secure".

*Custom sizes and designs are available for RVs and extra-wide or unusually configured vehicles.  For information about custom orders, send an email using the "Contact" tab above.

**Patents Pending